Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are an effective tooth replacement option for individuals that are missing most, if not, all of their teeth. They are removable, artificial replacements for your teeth and gums and can help you chew, speak, and smile again. There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. Both are made using impressions of your mouth and are customized to fit your gums perfectly.

What are partial dentures?

A partial denture is recommended for patients that are missing some, but not most of their natural teeth. A partial denture is detachable and is designed to fill the gaps in your math. They are fastened through metal clips that anchor to your healthy teeth. Partial dentures are made from one or more artificial teeth held in place by clasps which are customized to fit on neighboring natural teeth.

What are full dentures?

Full dentures are replacement options for people missing all, or almost all, of their natural teeth. They are removable, and unlike partial dentures, are held in place through suction. They can also be stabilized through denture adhesive. The biggest complaint of patients that wear dentures is that they do not stay in place, however, recent advances in dental technology have minimized this problem.

Can I eat with dentures?

Yes. Dentures are used for eating and chewing. It is important to be cautious of foods that are too hard or sticky, as these can damage your appliances. It is important to wash your denture and your mouth after you eat to avoid unwanted particles of food and bacteria.

How do I care for my dentures?

To help keep your dentures functioning for a long time, it is important to take good care of them. You can do this by cleaning them thoroughly after you eat and letting them soak overnight. It is also important to remember that your dentures are very fragile, so handling them with care is crucial. Although you likely have very few teeth remaining if you have dentures, it is still important to maintain good oral hygiene practices. Brush your tongue, cheeks, gums, and any remaining teeth that you may have thoroughly to cut down on bacteria in your mouth. It is also important to come see us regularly if you have dentures. Your dentures will need to be adjusted over time, and we can make these adjustments easily at your appointments.

If you are missing most or all of your natural teeth, call us today. We are happy to discuss your teeth replacement options with you and together, we can make a treatment plan to get back your perfect smile.

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