At DDS Family Dental in Ohio, our team provides our valued clients with advanced, technologically based care. We make use of a wide range of innovative equipment, latest techniques, and high-quality materials to provide you and your family with the most effective, proficient, and painless dental treatments.

Improved Cavity Detection

While large cavities are easy to detect, small cavities also need to be identified so they can be repaired with a dental filling. At DDS Family Dental in Ohio, we make use of advanced intraoral cameras to detect even the smallest cavities before they become too big and pose serious concerns. An intraoral camera is a hand held tool that is equal to the size of a dental mirror. It allows our team at DDS Family Dental to provide our clients with the most thorough examination and efficient preventative dental care to maintain the highest level of oral health and wellbeing.

This tool enables our dental experts to look right through the structure of the tooth and recognize cavities with remarkable accuracy. The intraoral camera slides over a tooth and captures the image with secure light. The enamel of the tooth reflects back the light to the imaging lenses of the intraoral camera whereas the decayed part of the tooth tends to absorb the light. The images of the oral cavity are transmitted over to the monitor that Dr. Seikel can watch as he performs your dental checkup. When combined with routine dental examinations, the intraoral camera allows us to spot and treat possible concerns before they turn into a major health problem. 

Superior Visualization

At DDS Family Dental, we prefer the use of advanced technology that allows us to obtain a superior view of your oral cavity so we can provide you with the best dental care possible. The use of digital x-rays allows us to accurately identify the problem areas with great accuracy. With the help of digital x-ray, sensors are positioned inside the mouth of the patient and the images are transmitted directly to the computer. The high-quality resolution allows dental experts at DDS Family Dental to conveniently and proficiently diagnose dental problems with ease.

Our Modern Technology

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